The Catania Group, Inc., writes, produces, directs, shoots and post-produces compelling stories. Since 1989, we have delivered creative and innovative content for our film, television and web-based clients in numerous countries around the globe.  In a field that is fast-paced and highly competitive, we deliver on time, on budget and with a level of expertise that is unwavering.  Combining experience that comes with a combination of seasoned veterans and young fresh talent, we are always a step ahead with a futuristic and fresh approach to our client’s needs providing them with award-winning product. Contact us to talk about your needs.

– Script writing

– Story Editing

– Directing

– Marketing campaigns, traditional and social

– Field Production

– Producing

– Production Services

– Non-Profits and Socially Conscious Campaigns

– Cinematography

– Post Production Supervision

– Editing

Cirina Catania

Founder, Lead Creative

Cirina Catania is an energetic force in the creative community. She is a veteran of the Fortune 100 studio system where she was a high-level executive at MGM/UA and United Artists, shepherding the worldwide marketing of Academy-Award-Winning product for their theatrical divisions. Prior to moving to California, she lived in Utah, where she was the owner of a successful talent agency, co-director of the Utah State Film Commission and one of the co-founders of the Sundance Film Festival dating back to its earliest days when it was called the Utah/US Film Festival. In 1989, Catania formed The Catania Group, specializing in marketing/pr/distribution of films worldwide.  By the early 90’s, she had returned to her production roots and resumed writing, producing and/or directing for films, television and the web.  Catania has been actively involved in over 120 films and television series and believes her career is just beginning!

Colin Brown

Field Producer/Editor/Videographer, “Cowboy Country”

Colin Brown (AKA Brownie) has been in the industry for over 15 years, starting out as a runner for a small production house in Wellington, New Zealand where he learned all the practical aspects of both production and post production. At the age of 22, he moved into editing and finishing which eventually led him into post supervising and producing. Colin’s technical knowledge and extensive experience in post has gained him a reputation for producing exceptional work. Away from filmmaking Colin has a young family and is a devoted Father, a lover of sport and a patriotic Australian!

Craig Ratcliffe

Still Photographer, “Cowboy Country”

Born in Sydney Australia Craig started his career as an advertising and commercial photographer at the age of 15. He spent 8 years as an assistant and black and white printer learning camera skills on 10×8 and 5×4 view cameras, Hasselblad and Mamiya medium format and Nikon 35mm. His first photographic assignment was for Bryce Courtney (Australian author) who was at the time an ad man. He lives and works in Brisbane and has his own inner city studio. Craig now shoots on Hasselblad digital and Nikon SLR digital. He is renowned for his abilities to work with TV crews, though he is also highly sought after for jewellery, food, industrial and “people” photography.

Laura Catania

AC/PA/Logger, “Cowboy Country”

Laura is a recent graduate of UVA with a BA in Anthropology and Religion.  She is an avid photographer and has a passion for animals, nature, culture, self-expression, soul-searching, philosophy, spirituality, writing, yoga and outdoor sports. Laura is ready for adventure and loves learning from others!

Sara Garth

AC/Logger, “Cowboy Country”

Sara Garth moved to LA  in 2011 after receiving a degree in CInema and Media Studies from the University of Chicago. She now works as a camera assistant and rents out a RED Epic package, which didn’t help her much on this shoot because we were shooting Blackmagic!

Gregory Clarke

PhD, Co-Founder Lumberjack System, Logger, “Cowboy Country”, “Kionte Storey”, “Furnishing Hope” and “Motor Press Guild”

Greg has a PhD in Medical Science and a passion for computer programming.  He is the Executive VP Technology at Intelligent Assistance and the chief architect of a software product range of more than a dozen successful apps, including the ground-breaking Final Cut Pro XML Translationa tools and the newly released Lumberjack System suite of products.  Greg is Co-Founder of Lumberjack System which is used to log all the Catania Group shoots and helps keep our metadata in order so we can spend our time editing and not worrying about logging and organizing media!

Philip Hodgetts

Videographer/Editor, Co-Founder Lumberjack System, “Cowboy Country”, “Kionte Storey”, and “Furnishing Hope”

How quickly can you say, “over qualified!?”  As President of Intelligent Assistance, Inc., Philip is a recognized expert in pre-post metadata-assisted editing and metadata-based post production workflows.  He is a digital disrupter of the highest order and is an integral part of our daily life with media.  Philip is Co-Founder of Lumberjack System which is used on all our productions for on-set logging and stringouts.  In his spare time and because he also has a very big heart, Philip has helped shoot and edit for such clients as the folks at Furnishing Hope.