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Kionte takes a break from practice to spend some quality time with his best friend, Koja. Since 2011, Kionte and Koja, a Siberian Husky service dog, have been almost inseparable. Kionte says Koja helps him through the rough periods and celebrates with him with each achievement.

His constant companion, the Siberian Husky not only gives Kionte a whole new sense of joy and happiness, he brings a smile to everyone he meets.

In addition to his daily training aimed towards the 2016 International Paralympics, Kionte also works his “night job” with the FBI, is active in community service helping other wounded men/ women gain their own New Life and is preparing for next Fall as a motivational speaker at schools to help youngsters understand that there isn’t anything too small or too large that they can’t accomplish.

The Marines call it “Adapt and Overcome,” and to the groups he speaks to Kionte emphasizes that, “Our injuries don’t define or make us. We make the best of our injuries.”
Even before Cirina met Kionte and convinced him to let her produce a documentary on his New Life, he was achieving goal after goal, including becoming the first African American and first amputee to reach the summit of Antarctica’s Mt. Vinson. He has also learned to snowboard, skateboard, ski; has medaled in Warrior Games track and swimming events and is now focusing on the International Paralympics.

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