The Catania Group has been in the news and we’re very proud of our team and grateful to the media outlets who have taken their time to write about us! If you want to know about us, check out the stories listed below.

15-4-1 – “Live from Westlake Village” – The Renaissance of Larry Jordan: “Produced by industry veteran Cirina Catania, Digital Production BuZZ is the longest-running weekly audio podcast covering media in the world, and the 2nd longest continuously-running audio podcast ever. ” (Website) (PDF)

15-3-31 – – Jon Peddie’s Tech Watch Highlights Kionte’s Story (PDF)

15-3-25 – Kionte Storey Documentary Supports Wounded Warriors (Website)

15-3-24 – Kionte Storey Documentary Provides Hope & Inspiration To Wounded Military Veterans (Website) (PDF)

14-7-1 – The Kionte Story: Tragedy Brings Opportunity (Website) (PDF)

15-2-18 – Cirina Catania to speak at the The Ninth Annual Creative Storage Conference (Website)

(l to r) Steve Saltzman, Cirina Catania, Woody Woodhall, Wendy Woodhall at the December 10th meeting of the LAPPG (Los Angeles Post Production Group). (Photo by Elena Miliaresis)

Cirina presented for Blackmagic Design on ‘Courage and Creativity – The Magic of Conviction’ and brought along a couple of her Blackmagic cameras for people to try out!  It was a very energetic and inspiring evening.  For more information on the LAPPG, click here (

14-7-22 – 4K CINEMATOGRAPHY: 4K YOUR WAY  (Website)

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14-11-17 – Filmmakers Alliance Presents: A Night of Blackmagic Design with Tina Eckman and Filmmaker Cirina Catania (Website)

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14-10-23 – Cirina Catania Goes on Tour for Blackmagic Design Cinema Cameras (Website)


14-10-8 – The Development, Production of Courage and Conviction (Website)


14-10-7 – BOSCPUG to Host Conversation with Sundance Co-Founder, Filmmaker Cirina Catania. (Website)  (PDF)

14-09-16 – NEWSBREAK:  Cirina in Content Insider – Video Storage.  (PDF)

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14-08-15 – AV Systems Magazine online:  TCG Founder & Lead Creative, Cirina Catania, recently spoke at the Flash Memory Summitt in Santa Clara, California.  AV Systems Magazine reports on her take on the industry’s “sudden” interest in movie/video.  (PDF) (Website)

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PDN Online writes, “Cirina Catania Documents Wounded War Hero and Athlete Kionte Storey” for their July 2014 issue  (PDF) (Website)

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We were mentioned in an article from IT Business Net, “Big Data Can Help, but Never Underestimate the Individual.” In reference to Cirina Catania, the writer says, “It takes an indie with fire in the gut, the eye of the tiger and a hunger to tell his/her story.” (Miles Weston,  (PDF) (Website)

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July 2014 – DMN Forums covers our Kionte Storey documentary, posted by Miles Weston, “One Marine’s Journey. The Kionte Storey Journey – Tragedy Brings Opportunity” (PDF) (Website)

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Colin Brown, shooting for The Catania Group, is mentioned in this article from Content Insider, #347- Moviola, on hi-def video and storage requirements, entitled, “M&E Opens New Opportunities of Expression, New Headaches” (PDF) (Website)