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The one-person cinematography crew, Cirina Catania, captures Kionte’s thoughts, experiences and New Life using a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and OWC’s Pro 6G SSD. Kionte and Cirina both hope the documentary will become a series of films focused on helping others returning from combat and to help friends/family members understand and assist returning service men and women overcome their physical/mental challenges.

While she has an extensive background with major studio and independent film work, Cirina said that Kionte inspired her to finally develop a positive documentary series on the challenges and successes of wounded returning military personnel.

She notes that doing documentaries like her current one, which is called “Kionte Storey –Athlete,” is the type of project that The Catania Group intends to continue producing.
She explains that for projects like Kionte’s documentary – the first of many she hopes to produce, you have to be invisible during the shooting and quickly but accurately capture the action and emotion with great sensitivity.

While she has had some volunteer assistance from Philip Hodgetts and Gregory Clark’s Lumberjack System, used for logging the segments, Cirina does all of the shooting/production herself because there is no crew budget.

To capture the Kionte’s/Koja’s story and action she uses Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Blackmagic Pocket Camera, GoPro, NEX7 and their respective kits. All of the content is quickly, and reliably stored on Other World Computing 6G Pro SSD cards.

Cirina hopes to have at least the first “installment” of Kionte’s documentary available on the web probably at www.TheCataniaGroup.com and on Kionte’s site.

Her goal is to raise awareness of Kionte’s and other veterans’ challenges and achievements. Whether through crowdsourcing or the sale of the web or TV rights, she wants her work to help raise funds to help others who don’t have the support of a mother like his and an unflinching friend/partner like Koja.

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